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Geo Watkins Mushroom Ketchup

July 24, 2013

Geo Watkins Mushroom Ketchup

Geo Watkins Mushroom Ketchup

3 starEnjoyed the Geo Watkins Mushroom Ketchup, the secret of many a Victorian cook, this tastes halfway between Worcestershire Sauce and soy sauce with subtle undertones of mushroom.

Lifestyle – Features

  • The original ketchups were carefully brewed condiments, but are now all but superseded by convenient modern equivalents like Bisto.
  • Originally, mushrooms were packed – caps, stalks and all – into earthenware jars, salted and placed on the back of the stove until they flowed with dark liquid.
  • Next, the jars were set in the oven and boiled, the sauce strained through muslin, and finally spiced with the likes of black pepper, nutmeg and mace.
  • George Watkins, established in 1830, is the most common brand around, although disappointingly, despite the “ye olde” label design and claim to having been “prepared from an original recipe”, is made with mushroom powder.
  • But it’s still got to be better than Bisto if you want to highlight the flavour of beef and game.
  • This particular condiment is also great for pepping up the gravy of a steak and kidney pudding.
  • Straight from the bottle, Geo Watkins Mushroom Ketchup is delicious on grilled chops, kidneys, liver or steak.

Lifestyle – Geo Watkins Mushroom Ketchup

  • Contains Barley, Barley Malt Extract, Gluten, Maltodextrin & Vegetable Protein
  • May contain Nuts

Ingredients – Geo Watkins Mushroom Ketchup

  • Water, Salt, Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein, Mushroom Powder (2.5%) (Mushroom Concentrate, Maize Maltodextrin), Acetic Acid, Roasted Barley Malt Extract, Spices.

Manufacturers – Geo Watkins Mushroom Ketchup

AB World Foods Ltd,
Kiriana House,
Kiribati Way,

Overall Rating
Halfway between Worcestershire Sauce and soy sauce with subtle undertones of mushroom.
Thin, as ketchups were in the 19th century.
Dark, looks the part.
Tasted pleasant, but disappointingly is made with mushroom powder and other cheap ingredients, and not to an old recipe.

3 star



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2 Responses to Geo Watkins Mushroom Ketchup

  1. Chilli Hunter on October 14, 2012 at 3:22 pm

    Good stuff this. I use it alot in stews, soups, chillies etc.

  2. Brownie Points on July 5, 2012 at 10:16 am

    Looking at the list of ingredients I think that you were generous with your 3 stars. It tastes bitter to me, and I won’t buy it again.

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